The well-known French novelist, Gustav Flaubert (born on 12th December 1821) once wrote that ‘pleasure is found [first] in anticipation and later in memory.’ This quote could easily be applied to any special event – but especially weddings. There is an anticipation in dressing for the occasion knowing that the impression that is created and the joy of contributing to a life-changing event will be something special – and that the experience and images created during the event will bring joy in the future through vivid memories.

These are among the reasons that choosing a certain style of bridesmaid dress and the correct fabric and color is of the utmost importance. The bridesmaid’s dresses must be an expression of the joy and solemnity of the occasion, complement the decor at the reception as well as the bride’s dress – but not outshine it, it is after all her day.

The selection of the right bridesmaid’s dresses can be a challenge when considering the above requirements, however, it can be made easier by taking the following into account.

Your style choice when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses can fall into a spectrum that ranges from conservative to avant-garde – or somewhere in between. One of the most popular styles and materials is the short silk robe in a pale or pastel color.

However, the short silk robe is also tremendously versatile. Instead of the classic silk pattern brides can also explore other textures and tactile finishes (such as a soft waffle). The choice of soft colors is also not set in stone. Silk can provide the perfect canvas for vibrant, bright colors and even floral prints. White robes are also popular due to the fact that they provide the perfect counterpoint to the bridal outfit (lace trim or a satin sash can provide that differentiating factor and identify the wearer as a bridesmaid). Silk will lend that romantic air to proceedings, almost irrespective of how it is used.

Chiffon is another popular choice. It is a material that is used extensively for lingerie and for evening wear. It is manufactured using a combination of synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon and is extremely light, making it ideal for those summertime weddings. It is also highly resistant to stains and incredibly durable. It is also a cost-effective alternative to the more pricey silk robes.

Satin is perhaps one of the most popular bride robe choices for the manufacture of bride’s robes. It was originally made from silk, but today is commonly manufactured using a combination of polyester and rayon. It is durable and versatile – and extremely supportive, making it suitable for all body types. It is a luxurious fabric that moves with the wearer, holding its shape. There is also the option of purchasing premade satin robes from online bouteques, these can then be modified to meet the requirements of the bride and groom. It is also a fabric that photographs wonderfully – a prime consideration during that special day.

Your choice of fabrics and finishes for bridal robes is extensive. However, with a little research, you are bound to find the perfect solution to the bridesmaid challenge. Then simply relax and enjoy this most special of days.