Looking to purchase a tote bag? Or, are you looking for a way to make your busy life so much easier? Check out the following uses of tote bags and cease looking at it as just another bag.

1. For your personal workout essentials

A tote bag is a great fitness companion. You can use it to place your water bottle, towel, protein bars and extra clothes. Tote bags are mostly lightweight so you can easily grab it any time you need to go to the gym for a fitness workout.

2. As your COVID safety bag

Mixing your covid-safety stuff with any other things in the bag can pose a real risk especially in these pandemic times that we’re living in. Use a separate tote bag to place your face mask, face shield, alcohol and hand sanitizer.

3. Make fashion on the go

Tote bags are also perfect for placing your fashion essentials. Spare yourself from the hassle of recalling where you placed your lipstick, makeup kit, brush, concealer, cream and even your sunscreen lotion, use your tote bag!

4. As your reading buddy

It adds a lot of convenience when you know where to look for your reading essentials. So use your tote bag to store your kindle, thumb page holder, favorite novel in its paperback edition and your couch potato glasses.

5. As a grocery bag

Say goodbye to the discomfort that paper bags cause you each time they tear when you load something heavy in it. A durable tote bag can help make it easier for you to hold a gallon of milk even when you have other grocery bags in your hands.

6. To pack your lunch and snacks

Use your tote bag to place your lunchbox, sandwiches and chips. Make sure your food stuff is separated from your office folders and other paper stuff unless you want some food or liquid to be spilled over them.

7. As your yoga companion

A yoga bag is very important especially for women. Luckily, you can use your tote bag to place your towel, low-impact sports bra, affirmational bracelets, etc.

8. To place your swimming gears

Never go to the swimming pool without your tote bag. This is where you can place your towel, swim goggles, ear plugs, hydration bottle, mesh bag, fins, snorkel and whatever else you need for swimming.

9. As your hiking companion.

Who says you cannot use a tote bag for hiking? It’s a good bag to use when you want your water bottle, snack chips or smartphone powerbank easy to grab.

10. To store your smartphone accessories

Do not let your smartphone accessories scatter everywhere. Grab your tote bag and use it to store your multiport wall charger, waterproof pouch, headphone adapter, Bluetooth speakers and charging dock.

11. To store your sewing kits

A tote bag will also serve well as a storage for your sewing kits. This way, you can hang the bag inside the cabinet and away from your child’s reach. With a tote bag, you can rest assured that your needles, pins, pin cushion, measuring gauge, threader and ripper are all safe.

12. Your cooking and baking best friend.

A culinary tote bag is very useful for storing your apron, wooden ladles, whisks, rolling pin, knives and other stuff you need to make cooking and baking on-the-go so much possible.

13. For storing your garden essentials

A tote bag is no doubt every gardener’s favorite. It makes storing some small garden essentials so easy. Just remember to choose a tote bag that’s designed specifically for gardeners to ensure they have several pockets that help you organize your gardening stuff.

14. As mom’s best friend

Moms could not imagine a life without tote bags. It is so important especially for those who have infants and toddlers. Grab those diapers, baby wipes, feeding bottles and place them inside the tote bag and voila, you can now head to your car and go somewhere with your child.

15. As an everyday bag

Tote bags as everyday bags are indispensable especially for people who have a hectic schedule. They can use their tote to place their car keys, smartphone, hair brush, wallet and hand sanitizers.

16. As a conference bag

Going to a conference for a speaking gig or simply attending a long meeting? Grab your tote bag, the one that has long handles to place your files, folders, laptop, pen and tablet to make conferences less stressful.

17. As your beach bag

Going to the beach with a tote bag will make it easy for you to place your towels, sun screen lotion, sunglasses, swimsuit and any other swimming gears.

18. To promote your brand

Tote bags with your brand’s name on it can serve well for your marketing purposes. You can give tote bags to your employees, customers and friends as a generous and utilitarian way of promoting your business.

19. To store old toys

Tote bags are also very important for children who want to store their Legos, puzzle pieces and any other tiny toys in just one go. They can clear the clutter fast, right before mom gets mad.

20. To store socks

Get your tote bag and use it to place your socks. Then hang the bag inside your closet. This will make your room and your drawers clutter free.